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People Play Differently When They’re Keeping Score

If you doubt this, watch any group of teenagers playing basketball and see how the game changes the minute scorekeeping begins. However, the truth of this statement is more clearly revealed by a change in emphasis: People play differently when they are keeping score. It’s not about you keeping score for them.

The highest level of performance always comes from people who are emotionally engaged and the highest level of engagement comes from knowing the score—that is, if people know whether they are winning or losing. It’s that simple.

The scoreboard that will drive the highest level of engagement with your team is one designed solely for (and often by) the players. This “players’ scoreboard” is quite different from the complex coach’s scoreboard that leaders love to create. It must be simple, so simple that members of the team can determine instantly if they are winning or losing.

Why does this matter? If the scoreboard isn’t clear, the game you want people to play will be abandoned in the whirlwind of other activities. And if your team doesn’t know whether or not they are winning the game, they are probably on their way to losing.

Discipline 3: Keep a Compelling Scoreboard asks you to create a scoreboard with a single purpose: to motivate the players to win.

When you and your team design this type of scoreboard, it will have these unique characteristics:

  • It’s simple – so simple that everyone on the team understands it
  • It’s complete – it shows both the lag measure results and the lead measures that are driving them.
  • It’s visible – displayed publicly for the team, and others, to see easily.
  • It’s compelling – any member of the team can easily tell if you are winning or losing.

Watch this video to learn how to create a compelling players scoreboard – one that will engage your team at the highest level.

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